Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Contest: Priveo

Priveo is a new app for private video messaging. It’s fast, fun and easy to use, setting a new standard for future of mobile video.

Youy can send a romantic, personal video this Valentine’s Day - instead of a card - with Priveo. Here’s the promotion: If you don’t mind bearing your soul to the world, they'll post the video message on our website for everybody to see. Visitors will can rank messages by giving “hearts” to the best of them. The one that comes out on top wins Priveo’s Grand Prize, an iPad Air.

To join the fun, download the app from Google Play and the Apple App Store.  Then, look for an invitation from Priveo in your inbox. All you need to do is click the reply arrow on the invitation video, record your own video message, and hit send.  They will collect and post videos at http://www.priveo.me/valentines/. Please keep them clean and be sure to vote for your favorites!

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