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Parenting Pointers: 3 Important Aspects To Consider When Nanny Requests To Bring Her Child to Work

Busy parents hire a nanny to have the maximum possible care and extreme attention to their child. Hence, they go through all the hectic and time consuming tasks to find and select the best nanny as possible. Although hiring a nanny is one of the best child caring options to have, there may be situations on which parents should put the more focus and consideration. If the nanny wants to bring her child to the work, that would be a such situation which the parents should take utmost precautions before allowing the nanny to do so. It is recommended to clear up the facts on possible issues that may arise when the nanny brings her child to the work. Here are some aspects to take into consider if the nanny requests permission to bring her child to the work. However the parents may need to take the issue on more humanitarian way, because the nanny herself is a mother.

What if the nanny's child gets sick?
The topmost reason for hiring a nanny is, to save the child from being exposed to various possible diseases that can be exposed by other children who are sick in daycare centers. If the nanny brings her sick child to work, the reason for which the nanny is hired over daycare center becomes meaningless. In that case it could be questionable, whether to allow to bring the sick child for work or not.
Bringing sick child is not only put your child in risk of getting infected (or the disease spread), but also, the nanny may put more attention towards her sick child. Nanny will not like to or able to put 100% attention on your child and leave aside their sick child unattended. Nanny may be in a position of spending her time and efforts to take care and accommodate the sick child, which can change her daily schedule and the tasks in hand. Anyhow, there can be solutions found on such situations; it is recommended to discuss in detail with nanny and inquire nanny on how she intends to manage this kind of situation.

Should it affect the nanny pay?
This is another major issue that arises if the nanny is given permission to bring her child to work. It is essential to sort out this issue before the permission to do so is granted. Some parents may want to deduct some amount from her pay while others may not. However, a nanny may not afford a deduction due to her financial situation, but on the other hand bringing her child obviously will have an affect on the work schedule and tasks. So parents and the nanny should have a discussion on this matter.

If the nanny is still in the selection process this may not be a heavy issue because parents can get a decision accordingly and may go for another nanny candidate. But if the nanny asks to bring her child to work after she will start to work for sometime (few months or days), a question may arrive on her pay.

How to Handle Children with Different Personalities?
Obviously paying attention to one child is easy than paying attention to two children, specially if the personalities of two children are different. For an example, your child likes to stay at home, while nanny's child wants to be out. One child may want to do an activity which the other does not like (not interested). So in this situation, for which child the nanny will give more preference? The parents should receive a positive solution from the nanny on how she will resolve such situations.

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