Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fun Freetime: Dove Theater

The Dove Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to family-friendly entertainment, has partnered with YEKRA, a versatile digital film distribution platform, to launch The DOVE THEATER, using YEKRA’s custom digital theater platform. DOVE now offers a curated collection of films suitable for family audiences. 

The DOVE THEATER, comprised only of films marked with DOVE’s highly-respected Seal of Approval, launches today with recent hits and fan favorites such as Dolphin Tale, Happy Feet, Where the Wild Things Are, and Gone with the Wind

This partnership between The Dove Foundation and YEKRA provides a destination for the millions of families that rely on The Dove Foundation’s rating system to access family- friendly and safe content. Titles are available for streaming and download (UltraViolet), with an accompanying in-theater store that offers physical merchandise like DVDs, Blu-rays, and product bundles.
The Dove Foundation allows other faith- and family-friendly organizations to host the DOVE THEATER on their own websites. By signing up via YEKRA’s AffiliateConnect program, interested companies, groups, and organizations will receive a short code to embed on their website. They’ll also receive a percentage of every sale through their theaters. 

The Dove FoundationTM is a nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging the entertainment industry to create, produce and distribute a greater proportion of movies that are appropriate for family viewing; and to seeing the public better equipped to identify family-friendly movies and more deeply committed to support
YEKRA is a revolutionary digital distribution and marketing engine for films that’s rethinking the way we connect content with audience. YEKRA was founded as the nexus
for millions of viewers and promoters rallying behind the cerebral documentary Thrive: What
On Earth Will It Take? in 2011 by Lee and Sonya Waterworth. The company is based in Los
Angeles, CA.

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