Friday, October 31, 2014

Healthy Habits: Nasal Health Tips

Flu season happens between October and May. Although scientists are not really sure why the flu circulates every year, it is one thing in life that is pretty much a guarantee.  When the weather starts to cool down, little kids noses are getting stuffed up and the nasty boogers are starting to run down their face. Pediatric recommended Boogie Wipes want to share some tips to help your family stay healthy.
How to Blast Booger Picking
  • Hold a Booger Picking Intervention- Gather all the members of your family and calmly explain to your little one that booger picking is not an appetizing thing to witness. Explain to them that although many kids do it, it is not a good habit to have.
  • Break the Cycle- Chances are if your little one is digging for gold than they are developing a bad habit. Break the cycle! Begin a new habit by waking up and adding nose blowing to their morning hygiene schedule. A fun way to get them excited is by buying fun products. Boogie Wipes are great wipes to use on little ones; they have fun smells like grape and are super gentle saline wipes.
  • Keep Their Hands Busy- Breaking a habit takes time and distractions. If your child picks their nose while riding in the car, begin by introducing new tasks they can do to distract them from digging for gold. Hand your child a tissue every time you see her put her finger in her nose. Chances are she'll get so frustrated with having to wipe her nose every time you catch her picking she'll turn to the tissues more often instead.
  • Check that thing out- Take a look at their nose, if it is red and itchy no wonder they run for the hills at the site of a tissue. Invest in some nasal TLC products that will get their little honker up and running. Run a humidifier in your home or in your child’s bedroom. If your child’s nose itches, he might be picking it at to relieve the itching. A humidifier increases the moisture in the air, which can help with the dryness in his nose.
  • If All Else Fails- Take charge and keep your kid’s nose clean. Use a suction bulb, tissue or cotton swab to remove boogers and crust. When nothing's in your their nose to pick out hopefully your kid will get the hint and move on. Plus they will hate being treated like an infant and will begin to take on cleaning their own noses.
Tips for Mastering the Art of Nose Blowing
  • Ditch the tissue. It is best to take teaching nose blowing in phases. Rather than overwhelming your child with a tissue in his or her face, capitalize on other opportunities to familiarize your child with the meaning of blowing air through the nose. Oftentimes, children will quickly inhale and exhale air through their noses when excited. Get your child excited with a toy or funny face and when he or she starts to blow out puffs of air, give praise and congratulate him or her using the specific phrase you plan on saying when you want your child to blow into a tissue. Doing this on a regular basis will help children learn what blowing a nose means, like they learn how to wave or give a high-five.
  • Take advantage of bath time. Bath time is prime time to introduce your children to the idea of what it feels like to blow air through their nose and how to do it on demand. Have your child put his or nose just below the surface of the water and blow bubbles using only the nose.
  • Use a mirror. While you might know that blowing your nose causes something to happen, it can be a hard concept for children to grasp. They may not know that a sneeze makes it easier for them to breathe and that something actually comes out of their nose when it is blown. Have your child stand in front of the mirror the next time he or she has a stuffy nose, and although it may be gross, have him or her blow until they can see the mucus coming out.
  • Set up a racetrack. Another way to make learning to blow air out of the nose fun is to set up a simple racetrack on your kitchen table. Create a start and finish line and line up two light weight objects like a sequin, the corner of a piece of paper or a feather. Have your child position his or her face level with the table, you do the same, and then race to see who can blow their object across the finish line, using only your noses, first.
  • Make it their responsibility. Just like learning how to tie shoelaces is an accomplishment children look forward to conquering, mastering nose blowing can make your child feel just as important if you set it up properly. Get as creative as you want and present your child with a special handkerchief, decorated box of tissues or moist nose wipes he or she can use for nose blowing whenever needed. Or, let your kids decorate the box of tissues or wipes themselves and challenge them to be able to blow their noses without help by the time the box runs out.
Boogie Wipes are a soft, scented way to clean kids sticky, booger covered faces. Recently, they launched a product that makes nasal congestion relief more appealing and fun for children. Boogie Mist is a saline mist that is all natural and non-medicated. The Schnozzle, AKA scented nozzle, comes in grape and fresh scent to make the booger clearing process a little more appealing for kids. Having the flu isn’t fun for anyone, but Boogie Mist makes the most out of a bad situation.  

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