Thursday, October 30, 2014

Website Spotlight: Qool

Productivity is the combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts.  Staying productive at work or at home can be a challenge. qool, a free windows app is helping small businesses synchronize multiple devices in real time to build their own canvases for organization, collaboration and project planning.
We all know what it’s like to fall behind at work. Pablo Panedas, President of qool shares five tips for increasing workplace productivity using qool. 
1.     Use qool to organize a presentation. Like a great painting, an exceptional presentation starts with an empty canvas. Use qool to create new content by jotting down thoughts and ideas as simple notes. Add images and files that support your ideas and help you make your points. As you brainstorm, you can move notes and other items around on the canvas, which will help you organize your ideas and define an order. With qool’s exceptionally intuitive user experience, it’s easy to visualize a great presentation and make it a reality.
2.     Prioritize tasks with qool. Sometimes, it can seem overwhelming if you have a huge number of pending tasks at home and at work. But effectiveness is all about prioritizing those tasks, and qool can help with an ingenious “Importance Vs Urgency” frame. With this built-in canvas format, you can visually organize your tasks on your qool canvas according to each to-do item’s relative importance and urgency, creating an easy-to-follow matrix that you can use to tackle tasks in the right order.
3.     Take collaboration to the next level with qool. Teamwork is how we achieve great things, and with qool’s collaborative canvases, you can create a virtual dashboard that displays individual and group tasks along with relevant files – all in one place. qool makes it easy to visualize and organize tasks, keep tabs on team member activities, set priorities, check off completed items and share everything instantly across everyone’s canvases. By using qool, all team members can instantly see where the project stands.
4.     Work across all Windows devices with qool. With a mobile device, you can work anywhere, and qool’s real-time synchronization capabilities make sure your canvass will be updated on all of your devices so that you can pick up where you left off. You can even update a canvas on your office desktop, work offline on your Windows Phone during the commute home, and then synchronize across all devices when you arrive at your destination and pick up where you left off on your Surface – all without losing a step.
5.     Pin critical reminders and tasks to your start menu with qool. While qool makes it easy to organize schedules and manage everyday priorities using canvases, sometimes it’s helpful to have a way to bump a task or reminder up to a more prominent level to make sure it gets done – picking your spouse up from the airport, for example. qool has users covered with a unique pinning function that allows you to pin reminders and tasks to your Windows start menu so you’ll definitely see them first.

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