Monday, November 24, 2014

Consumer Critique: Messy Beautiful Love

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

Messy Beautiful Love  is a book written by best-selling author Darlene Schacht that offers an honest approach to relationships. People screw up - on both sides - but this book offers ways for spouses to see the beauty in the chaos, the hope in the mistakes. Instead of just burying mistakes or pretending that frustrations don't happen, Darlene draws on her 25-year marriage and the mistakes she's made along the way to talk about how to move towards lasting redemption.

I liked how honest the book was - it didn't sugar coat the truth that we all make mistakes in love. It wasn't preachy, but offered advice from the perspective of someone who had been there in the trenches too. You can check out a free chapter online, and it's well worth your time to do so. The book is also worth reading, whether you're currently struggling in your marriage or not - because sooner or later, we all screw up!

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