Monday, November 24, 2014

Healthy Habits: 9 Tips For a Healthier-Stress Less Holidays With The Family

I have the chance to share some healthy holiday tips from Scott Lesnick, "Never Give Up Guy" and author of "Kidjacked: A Father's Story."

    •    Pace yourself.  Good food, great deserts and alcohol are in abundance.
Try and limit yourself just a bit and your body will thank you.
    •     Walk, Run and take the stairs. Okay, a smattering of exercise during the holidays is good, we know this. Park your car away from the stores entrances.
    •    Take time for yourself and chill. Me time allows us to catch up on sleep, just relax or get projects done that matter to US!
    •    Breathe. It works like a charm! 5X in through your nose and out through your mouth. Ahhhhhhhhh! Try it and see.
    •    Have some fun! Don’t let guilt or the need to please stop you from doing some things that YOU like to do.
    •    Have a plan. You’ve traveled. They’ve traveled. You’re together. Now what? Plan ahead. Conversations, movies, food. You get the idea.
    •    Do something different. I’m all for tradition, but changing things up some could make for the most memorable of gatherings. This includes gift giving.
    •    Gift giving. No mind reading necessary. The pressure is lessened if you ask what they want. Seems awkward? See 7. Win-win!
    •    Friends. We need them and they need us. Make time for friends. Get a bite, go shopping, have some coffee. Just relax and trade silly family stories.

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