Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Albie Manzo and Blk. Water

Albie Manzo stole America’s heart as Caroline Manzo’s oldest son on Bravo’s hit reality TV show The Real Housewives of New Jersey and is currently starring in the new Bravo series Manzo’d With Children.  With his signature grin and good-natured personality, Albie made women swoon and was often the voice of reason amidst the chaos of being in a reality show family.  Now, the Fordham University graduate is an entrepreneur and business owner of one of the most unique beverage products ever brought to market – blk. water.

Albie and his brother Chris Manzo discovered Black Water at a food show. It was originally invented by a Canadian family when their mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. The family felt that they needed to supplement her traditional treatments and started researching alternatives to help in their mother’s recovery. They read about fulvic acid and began mixing it with natural spring water for their mother, with good results. They bottled up a few samples and brought them to the food show. Enter Albie and Chris who started marketing the water and changed the name from Black Water to blk. blk. water is pure alkaline water that is infused with fulvic trace minerals.  When fulvic minerals are added to water, the result is a perfectly balanced mineral composition and clean, crisp taste.  Fulvic and humic acid compounds give blk. water its black color. The water contains key components such as: 

·      Electrolytes:  The key to replenishment and rehydration.  They help you recover from a tough workout and offer serious hydration.
·      Alkaline Water:  Helps to naturally balance your body’s pH and neutralize acidity.
·      Trace Minerals:  Minerals are elements required for the formation of blood, bones, teeth and other tissues in the human body. blk. contains over 60 trace minerals.

Albie, 28, is the oldest of the Manzo bunch and always managing to keep his baby brother, Chris, on his toes. They are partners and co-founders of BLK beverages, which has grown exponentially since its 2011 debut with distribution all across the country in major stores such as Target, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Sprouts, and more. Albie is also a partner in the Hospitality Group that owns Little Town New Jersey Restaurant in Hoboken, NJ, and just expanded with the opening of its second location at the Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment Complex.

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