Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Amazing Apps: Gummy Drop

Big Fish released of Gummy Drop, a free game combining Match-3 with resource management.  In order to rebuild famous landmarks across the globe, players much match gummies in groups of 3 or more to collect building resources.  Each landmark may require more than one building resource and, unlike most other Match-3 games where you simply move on from level-to-level,  Gummy Drop allows players to replay completed levels to collect special additional building resources.  Gummy Drop is a unique, highly repayable game releasing with hundreds of levels and new levels being added each month. 

Like so many of the Big Fish Games, this is a big hit with my girls, especially the older one. It's fun, catchy, and cute. It offers something a little different from other match-3 games, but has a familiar enough playing style that it will be easy to catch on for most people.

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