Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fun Freetime: Hour of Code

The Hour of Code is really incredible. 100 million people learning to code in one hour. A shared philosophy by tech companies worldwide. But what comes after that hour? If the goal is to encourage everyone to code in an hour a day, LiveCode has a solution: beginners can Create It With LiveCode, learning to build Apple’s Apps, and experiencing tremendous success.  

Computer Science is as essential in the 21st century as reading, writing, and arithmetic. LiveCode wants to grow everyone’s coding experience by taking them step by step through the aspects of App development and providing them with expert sessions in Tech and Business.

Coding and creativity go hand in hand. Without one, there cannot be the other. With Create It With LiveCode, there’s the ongoing promise of both.

On December 11th at 10am PST, LiveCode is hosting their Hour of Code. They invite you to join them and see what Create It With LiveCode offers through continuing education. Because everyone can code.

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