Monday, December 22, 2014

Healthy Habits: Lice Prevention and Treatment

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Lice can be a problem in schools and daycare settings. They live close to the scalp and are hard to spot, causing itching and being difficult to get rid of completely due to the life cycle of a louse.
There are things you can do to help prevent its spread to your child, or to others if your child gets it.

The best ways to kill lice on objects are to freeze for twelve hours, heat in a hot dryer for forty minutes, or place in a plastic bag for five days. Different methods are more suitable for different items. This needs to be done for everything that the infected person has had (stuffed animals, sheets, carseats) to make sure you kill all nits and live lice.

Don't share hats, combs, helmets, barrettes, etc. with a person who has lice. Lice can't hop or fly, so they need direct surface-to-surface contact to spread. If a classmate has lice, make sure to check your child's head daily for several days to catch it early.

Littlebugs, Inc.was founded in 2012 as a head lice removal company by two moms and registered nurses. Littlebugs developed its own line of chemical-free lice removal and prevention products that are available in select Target stores nationwide.They have a very helpful website with information about lice and treatment options. It's a great option for anyone looking for a pesticide-free, safer lice treatment.

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