Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shopping Savings: Chew Chainz

Chew Chainz are fun, stylish and 100% safe teething necklaces that are adding some much-needed bite to a product category starved for guy-friendly options. Inspired by rockers, athletes and hip-hop artists, Chew Chainz are designed especially for Dad.  Launching just in time for the holiday shopping season, customers will enjoy 15% off of all orders by entering the discount code: HOLIDAYZ at checkout.

“When my daughter was teething, I’d have to wear my wife’s necklaces around to keep her from crying, and we started joking that someone should make a product just for Dads to wear,” said Chew Chainz co-founder Ted Flanagan. “Now, we’ve got a real family business to show for it.  We want Chew Chainz to remind people that parenting is supposed to be fun, and if the brand becomes a way for Dads to connect with their kids, and with each other, then mission accomplished.”

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