Monday, December 15, 2014

World Wisdom: Eva

I just found out about a new technological innovation in water conservation - Eva: The World's First Smart Shower

Utilizing a smartphone app and Bluetooth technology, Eva has sensors that monitor time in the shower, water temperature and water flow. It can save 50% of water usage in every home!

For instance, if you turn on the shower and are still busy in the bathroom, when your ideal temperature is reached Eva shuts the water flow off until you actually get in the shower.  Waiting just 30 seconds for your shower to warm up can equal a gallon of water wasted!  Or let's say for example a woman is shaving her legs or shampooing her hair and she steps away from the shower head, the sensors will detect that and the shower flow will ease, while still keeping you nice and warm.  When you are directly underneath the shower head again, wetting your hair or rinsing off soap, Eva sets your water flow to 100%...providing you with a strong water flow right when you need it.

Eva is super easy to install fitting right between the wall and your shower head.  You can even set goals for how long you want your showers to last and Eva will alert you if your time is running over. 

I had a chance to interview Torry Tayenaka to learn more:

Why was Eva created?
Eva was created because there is no effective smart technology being used to save water in the shower (one of the largest use of people's water every day.
What are the advantages it has over other products designed to help save water in the shower?
The main thing Eva is providing is a smart and enjoyable shower experience.  Other water saving devices change the way people shower either with unenjoyable low pressure, levers and switches that the user needs to remember to use and interupt their shower. Lastly by having the tracking and social abilities we believe we can inspire further water conservation outside the shower just by building out users awareness to water usage and waste.

What are some other ways to save water while showering?

Low flow shower heads are a great way to reduce waste but the most effective is to have shorter showers- it's a basic step but can make a huge difference.

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  1. Smart shower? does it watch you shower???