Monday, January 5, 2015

Contest: Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Since 2001, New York Times best-selling author T.A. Barron has encouraged young people ages 8-18 to dream big by inspiring their ‘inner hero’ and helping them realize their potential for heroic greatness - no matter their age, gender or background.

The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes, created by TA Barron, honors 25 young leaders each year who help make a positive difference in the world. The top fifteen winners each receive a $5000 cash award to be applied to their education or service project.

Last year’s inspiring projects include installing braille signs in grocery stores, collecting hundreds of thousands of toothbrushes for people in impoverished countries and a web-based service that links food donors with charities. Turning grease into fuel and raising money for low-income families to heat their homes are other examples of projects that help the planet and are life-changing for many people.

If you know a young hero, be sure to nominate them this year!

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