Friday, January 9, 2015

Thrifty Thinking: Online Shopping Savings Tips

Many of us shop online. I have a chance to share some tips from Rob Cassidy, president of, on saving money while online shopping.

1.     Shop Secure Websites
a.     How can you tell if you’re shopping on a secure website and what does this mean?
                                               i.     Secured websites use encryption technology that scrambles your personal information back to the site you are purchasing from. This keeps sensitive information like your credit card, address and email safe preventing hackers from obtaining it.
                                             ii.     One way to determine if you are shopping on a secure site is by looking for this seal
This seal ensures the website you are shopping from secures your private information and has been verified by security technology and Malware.
2.     Get Rewards
a.     Many sites offer exclusive discounts through email and reward programs. These savings can really add up!
b.     Share these programs with friends. Sites like offer a Tell-a-Friend program that gives you and your friends reward points & discounts when new friends sign up and make a purchase! 
3.     Compare Prices
a.     Never miss out on a great deal! If you find an item you love on one site, copy that product name into another shopping site you trust. If the prices differ, many companies will honor the lower price by shopping with them.
b.     Other companies like make comparative pricing a breeze by including a “compare at” icon on their most popular items. This saves you time and money!
4.     Make the move from your desk, to your couch!
a.     Many shopping sites now offer shopping apps that can be easily pulled up on your tablet or phone. This makes your shopping experience more comfortable and allows you to shop while relaxing on your bed or couch!
b. brings handbag shopping to a new level offering their tablet and mobile phone exclusive handbag shopping site called eBags Obsession! Shopping on this app lets you love it or leave it with the swipe of a finger and as you swipe, the styles become more and more tailored to your tastes based on what you loved and what you loathed!
5.     Take advantage of product photos
a.     Shop sites that offer multiple photos of the product you’re interested in! This way there are no surprises when the bag is delivered to your home. Things like interior lining can make or break your love for the bag!
b.     Many sites offer 360 degree panviews of the product- check out this example from

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