Monday, January 5, 2015

Website Spotlight: TaskEasy

There's a new and innovative way for people to save some money and have pretty sharp looking yards - TaskEasy.  What Uber is to transportation and Airbnb is to places to stay, TaskEasy has become likewise to home exterior services.  

TaskEasy is the first on-demand website that makes it super easy and safe to order snow clearing and lawn service nationwide. With just a few clicks, ordering these home exterior services as a gift is now just as easy as ordering a product on Amazon.  Homeowners love this new service because all contractors are pre-screened, all work performed is carefully monitored, all contractors are licensed and insured, contractors don't get paid until the homeowner indicates he/she is completely satisfied with the job and proprietary algorithms create a fair market value for any services performed. Its quick and easy – all you have to do is hop online and within minutes you will be done.

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