Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Website Spotlight: University Research & Review

There are 20 million students in college in the United States. Half of them – yes, 10 million –change their major. 6-7 of those 10 million change schools entirely! Those decisions cost each student up to $50,000.

The founder, Joe Schmoke was chairman and CEO of Andrew Jackson University until 2010 and even those statistics shocked him, so he wanted to do something to alleviate the problem. He created University Research and Review.

Visitors to University Research and Review’s website take an online survey, but unlike other services, the results are evaluated individually by one of URR’s dozen advisors, who have more than 280 years of experience combined, who then generate a personalized report for the survey taker. This is what makes it different than anything else out there today.

The URR report evaluates an individual’s unique interests and preferences and its advisors personally work with students to narrow down their search to about five schools, out of the more than 7,000 colleges and universities in the United States. Too often students are misled by slipshod rankings systems and will overpay for their degrees, Schmoke believes.

“We understand the financial burdens associated with higher education, so we wanted to try to make sure every student attends the best college for them,” Schmoke says.

The free service is tailored to a variety of end users, including high school students, current college students considering switching schools or majors, or professionals interested in going back to school. UR&R’s results are unbiased and never favor one institution over another, ensuring an even playing field and unbiased suggestions from UR&R advisors.

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