Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Giveaway: The Modern Girl's Guide to the Gridiron

Vanessa-Franchesca “VF” Castro is author of The Modern Girl’s Guide to the Gridiron. Her book is an easy-to-read crash course on the ins and outs of football—rules, terminology, traditions, and history of the game—perfect for any mother wanting to connect with her sports-minded kids or husband.
Football continues to grow in popularity—more people watched Sunday night’s Super Bowl than any other program in United States television history (114.4 million viewers!). While the NFL season is over, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Gridiron is the perfect read to catch up on the rules of football before it starts again in the summer.
With player contributions and hard-hitting, outside the box, witty, and vivid explanations, The Modern Girls’ Guide to the Gridiron is a comprehensive guide to all things football for women. Whether you’re a novice fan, or a seasoned veteran, this book is sure to amp your arsenal of football knowledge — the best accessory you could wear on Game Day.
“It’s written for women and encompasses everything from finance to fashion,” says Castro of the book, which while light on tone is not lax on the research that went into it or the facts presented. “I wanted to deliver the information with intensity, while keeping it as ‘to the point’ as possible,” Castro added, “So the majority of research was dissecting game film, interviews, conversations with athletes and field work.”
I have a chance to give away a copy of the book. To enter, leave a comment on why you want to learn more about football. Deadline is February 16th.

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  1. my husband and I watch football - this book might help explain plays to me

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