Friday, February 6, 2015

Healthy Habits: The Biggest Calorie Burners In Your Home

Every weekend in the spring and summer, you probably try and tackle things in the house and yard to make everything look better. You may feel that these are things that just need to be done, but did you know that by doing them, you can burn a lot of calories and you can therefore improve your overall health?
All it takes is doing certain things around the home to burn a lot of calories and get healthy. Here are the top things around the house you can do, ranked in order of calories burned per hour:
1.     Shoveling snow: 576
2.     Mowing the lawn: 400
3.     Raking Leaves: 384
4.     Roofing: 340
5.     Building a fence/carpentry: 340
6.     Hanging storm windows: 272
7.     Cleaning gutters: 272
8.     Painting the home: 272
9.     Spreading dirt with a shovel: 272
10.  Laying or removing carpet: 238
11.  Laying tile, linoleum or repairing appliances: 238
12.  Sanding floors with a power sander: 238
13.  Washing or painting a fence: 238
14.  Wiring or plumbing: 136
All of these things need to be done in any given year, and that means a lot of calories burned. If you mow the lawn once a week, for one hour, you are burning 1,600 calories a month doing so. That is a lot of unhealthy food burned away. In the winter, you may need to shovel a few times a week, and it is not out of the question to have you burn nearly 6,000 calories in a given month.
So, forget about the gym and paying a monthly membership you may or may not use. Look around the home and find the things in your home that need to be done, get them done and begin to get healthy in the process.
Data courtesy of GreenPal Lawn Care


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