Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Healthy Habits: Sunglasses for Exgtreme Photosensitivity

There are a few million people in the U.S. that (for one medical reason or another) are very sensitive to light, and especially the brightness of the sun, and glare. The millions of migraine headache suffers are probably the largest single group of photophobic people in the U.S.A.

These groups of sensitive people have difficulty finding sunglasses that are dark enough, or work well enough to protect their eyes properly, or sufficiently. Sunglass companies have overlooked, and neglected these special people with such severe eye sensitivity that their lives are greatly impacted negatively on a daily basis.
“Extreme Glare” Sunglasses by Zurich International would like to step up to help these special people in their plight. 
“Z-XG” Sunglasses can, and will offer a better solution to solving their severe light, and glare problems.
“Z-XG” Sunglasses block more sunlight, and reflective glare than any other sunglass technology known in the world today. ”Z-XG” easily surpass polarized sunglass lens technology in direct glare from the sun, as well as reflective glare on water, snow, and shiny surfaces.
In addition, “Z-XG” wearers will find the ultimate relief for severe light problems, and will experience a calming, soothing effect to their “sore eyes”.
Extreme Glare Sunglasses provides protection for people with sensitive or hurting eyes suffering from various medical conditions including:
·         Sensitive Eyes
·         Migraine Headaches
·         Albinism
·         Dilated Pupils
·         Keratoconus
·         Corneal Abrasion
·         Autoimmune Diseases
·         Eye & Head Surgery Recovery
·         Sensitive Eyes From Medications
·         Medical Conditions Caused by Surgery (Cataracts, Lasik, Corneal Transplants, etc.)
·         Photophobia
“Z-XG” Technology is available in prescription, or non- prescription custom made lenses. “Z-XG” technology is available in single vision, bifocals, trifocals, and the most sophisticated (no lines) progressive lenses. “Z-XG” prescription lenses can be put into any frame big, or small, metal or plastic, new or old styles. “Z-XG” Technology transcends all frame styles. The customer can chose any frame style, shape or size to their liking, but the frame must have removable lenses.
The website has an array of styles that are well suited, and designed for sensitive eyes. You can choose inexpensive models that are pre-made, and kept in stock. The customer may also choose a nice “wrap around” style that provides the best possible protection by occluding the light, U.V Rays, wind, dust, and other debris on the sides, the top, and bottom. Lastly, the customer can also provide/supply their own frames to have lenses custom made to fit.
Made in U.S.A.
About Z-XG
While attending an Optical Trade show in Switzerland, and France, Founder Bruce Holden discovered a unique technology that blocks out blinding sun. The glare technology was used to protect high altitude skiers, and mountain climbers from the intense, harmful rays of the sun (which is seven times greater and more hazardous at high altitudes than at sea level). Bruce took this technology and his extensive Optical knowledge, improved upon it, and created Zurich Extreme Glare Sunglasses.
In the past, Polaroid lenses set the world standard for sun glare.  Currently, the “Z-XG” technology lenses work better in reducing glare off of reflective surfaces like water, snow, shiny metal, and windows. They also cut far more glare in direct sunlight than any other sunglass technology known today! Zurich "Extreme Glare" technology easily allows accurate reading of all digital instruments without the visual interference caused by Polarized lenses.

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