Friday, February 20, 2015

Parenting Pointers: Breastfeeding In Style

Guest post by Sara Williams

Just because you’re breastfeeding doesn’t mean you have to give up looking good! Nursing shirts get a bad reputation—the bagginess of trying to hide baby weight, the flappy necklines that allow better access for breastfeeding. It doesn’t have to be that way!

When you hit the town, you should be able to look good and still be able to breastfeed when necessary. The solution to this problem is to hunt down some cute, fashionable breastfeeding tops.

Such tops are made specifically to allow easier nursing, but fashion is not forgotten if you look in the right place.

Here are the main styles you should be looking for if you’re looking to stay trendy during your breastfeeding days.

·       A Long, Scooped Neckline

A long, scooped neckline provides easy access without too many extra bells and whistles. This is the simplest option when considering maternity tops. No zippers, no hidden compartments, just a neckline that easily opens up enough for a baby to nurse.

It’s a cute style, especially knitted tops in the winter or oversized ones paired with leggings. With the right size choices, scooped neck tops can be loose enough to be comfortable and compliment your figure at the same time.

·       Inner Linings

Inner linings create the look of a well put-together outfit, but they’re also the trick to hiding the maternity agenda behind your maternity shirt. Imagine a top with an inner lining that just looks like a tank hidden underneath. It looks great, but it’s easy to remove for breastfeeding purposes.

With a simple lift of the inner lining, you’ll be able to nurse quite easily. Slip it right back in when you’re finished to return to your cute outfit like nothing ever happened.

·       Concealed Zippers

This may seem like an obvious one, but concealed zippers are something of a miracle in nursing shirts. This fashion technology has come a long way since the beginning of zippered maternity shirts.

You might be imagining horrible zippers hanging out everywhere. Don’t worry; we’re much too trendy for a fashion faux pas like that. You don’t need to look tacky to be able to breastfeed in public places.

This is how a zippered maternity shirt works now. On the surface, you have a normal but very cute shirt. You would never know the difference. But then find the secret zipper and suddenly you have easy access for breastfeeding!

Don’t worry, ladies, we’ll never tell your secret.

·       Relaxed Tunics

Relaxed tunics provide a flattering shape for that baby weight you haven’t quite worked off yet, but without giving up fashionable elements of a well put-together outfit.

Those big sleeves may look cute, but they hold another purpose as well! With these, you can find nursing access in the sleeves.

·       Dresses

Dresses are an easy way to look good while being able to nurse. Classic wrap dresses can be pulled down for easy access and long dresses can be made with drop nursing tops.

Breastfeeding dresses are an easy and comfortable choice, not to mention stylish!

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