Friday, February 6, 2015

World Wisdom: Cleaning Green for Your Family

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Home is where the heart is. It’s also were we spend the majority of our time with our families and friends. That being said, keeping your home clean and comfortable is always a must. Nothing feels better than relaxing in your home when it’s at its freshest and cleanest. However, clean doesn’t have to mean that your home is covered in bleach and solvent residue.

Why Clean Green?

Cleaning with chemical free natural alternatives has been gaining popularity over the past few years, unlike 20 years ago, when it was thought that only way to disinfect was to use harsh chemicals or bleach.  The irony of this mentality is that we managed to clean our homes, clothes (and ourselves for that matter) for hundreds of years before bleaches and solvents were even created.
We’re not suggesting you go to the extreme and wash your clothes in urine like they did in Pompey during Roman times (even though it did work!). What we do say though is that natural household products that you probably already have in your home can be a healthier alternative with equal and in some cases better results than a chemical based cleaning agent.

Cleaning your Entire Home Naturally

Everyone has their own tips on chemical free cleaning, and no one option is better than the other, but here are a few to consider. 
·       Baking Soda - not only is baking soda a natural deodoriser it also cuts through grease like a champ and has proven virus-killing abilities.
·       Vinegar - while it is best known for being a great natural alternative to clean floors and windows, it’s also excellent at removing soap scum and grime, which makes it perfect for cleaning your tub.
·       Sunlight - Are your whites not white enough? No need for bleach, use the sun! Hanging your whites to dry facing the direct sunlight will brighten your whites better than any bleach on the market.
·       Olive Oil -Need natural furniture polish? Use olive oil! Add some essential lemon oil to it to give your home that nice lemony scent.
·       Borax -Borax is also your friend when it comes to chemical free cleaning, it can be used as a base for both clothes and dish washing.
Have you noticed that all of these chemical free options are cheaper than store bought chemicals yet?  Not only that, they are healthier for you and your family, making chemically free cleaning an all-around win win for your home and your loved ones.
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