Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Consumer Critique: The Painted Pilgrim

Disclosure: I received complimentary products to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. 

A new children’s book, The Painted Pilgrim by Dale Ryan (Breeze Hill Books), shines a light on the dog adoption process and shows us why we should take care of dogs of all sizes, shapes, colors, and breeds.  The main character, Pellegrino, is a pink dog, and the shelter seeks to find him a good home while warding off dog owners with bad intentions.  
“Some five million dogs will enter a shelter this year and 3.5 million will not make it out,” notes author and animal photographer Ms. Dale Ryan.  “I hope my book inspires more dog adoptions, especially of dogs that aren’t perfect or pure breeds, such as mutts, less favored breeds or those with a disability or perceived shortcoming.”

I enjoyed the book. It was a perfect amount of suspense for my young reader, and held her attention well.

I had a chance to interview Ms. Ryan to learn more.

Inspiration for The Painted Pilgrim…
In 2012, I published “ Sleeping With The Beast”, a coffee table book, which is both a photographic and written journal of sharing my life on our farm with a pack of five dogs.  My first book is a guide for preparing families to “ set up home” for dogs.  A year later, I began writing The Painted Pilgrim. The book is written for children and explains the role of a dog shelter.  Dog adoption is about saving a life. The dog characters guide the reader through the shelter where they spend their time trying to be adopted by a real family.

Why kids would adopt a pink dog…
Children are so open and curious, especially when animals enter into their world. Kids love the unusual, and more importantly, they do not have prejudices.  On the other hand, adults might be fearful of adopting a breed of dog due to prejudice and uncertainty about a variety of breeds.

Kids and dog adoption…
The Painted Pilgrim is an educational guide for children to understand the need as well as the rewards of adopting dogs.  Through the eyes of dog characters in the book, kids get a close up view of a dog shelter. Children become aware of the fact that everyone needs an advocate. Also, kids learn the meaning of empathy.
Tips for dog adoption…
My first suggestion would be to have a “round table “ conversation.  Kids should definitely be a part of the discussion.  Secondly, children should visit the shelter and help with the decision, concerning their new family member. After adoption, parents need to encourage their children to help with the everyday routine of their new companion. Dogs have a natural way of teaching kids to be responsible for another life.   

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