Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Guide To Buy Energy Saving Washing Machine (Guest Post)

There are many appliances in homes that are not only useful but also have become indispensable. Whether it is air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, geysers, water heaters and so on, there is hardly any doubt that it would be impossible to lead a normal life unless these machines are functional on a daily basis.
However, on the flip side, when compared to the situation as it was a few decades ago (say round 40 to 50 years) today we are spending much more money on running and maintaining these home appliances and gadgets. We are particularly spending much more on power and energy for keeping these machines in operation. As power and energy costs have risen steadily over the past 40 to 50 years, we are now feeling the pinch when it comes to operating these appliances.
Therefore there is a growing urgency to buy only those washing machines and other such appliances that are energy efficient. This is true because the old models of washing machines were notorious for being big guzzlers of electricity and the energy bills started increasing by almost 50 to 60% in many cases. So, the need for energy efficient washing machines became an absolute necessity. In this article we will try and have a look at some useful tips when deciding to buy an energy efficient machine.
First and foremost when you are looking for an energy efficient washing machine, you should be sure that it has the required Energy Star Labels. The standard energy saving appliances comes with 6-star labels and they can go up to 10 stars depending on the level of energy efficiency. Hence the higher the stars the more energy efficient they are. So this is a very useful tip that one should remember when going in for energy saving washing machines.
The next important thing is to look for the right types of washing machines. It is always better to go in front loading washing machines because they have been found to be more energy efficient when compared to the top loading ones. They can also wash bigger loads, consume lesser water and more importantly help reduce spending on power and electricity. Last but not the least you must also look for buying only those washing machines that are reputed and branded. They might cost you a bit more but when it comes to quality and efficiency, they are much better than the lower priced ones. 

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