Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lifetime Series: Born in the Wild

Lifetime’s all-new unscripted series, Born in the Wild (#BornInTheWild) documents couples’ personal decisions to give birth in nature. In this new series, families take one step beyond home birth and make the powerful choice to experience childbirth in the great outdoors. No inductions, no epidurals…just expectant mothers facing and giving birth in the arms of Mother Nature. They’ll take on the unique challenges of their natural environment, tackling every obstacle the wilderness presents in order to realize their dream of an outdoor birth. 

I had a chance to interview executive produce Yoshi Stone to learn more.

How did you get involved in this project?
The show had already been conceived when I came on board.  it was a natural fit for me because I've done some outdoorsy projects in the past, and my wife and I chose to have our own children outside of a hospital setting.  I felt it was a really rare and wonderful opportunity to document a unique choice surrounding the one experience that unites all of us as human beings:  birth.
What do you hope that viewers get out of the series?
I hope that viewers come to it with an open mind.  people make all kinds of different choices about their birth experiences, and we're documenting a very specific one.  this choice certainly isn't for everyone, but if this project gets people talking about birth in this country, that's a positive in my mind.  
What is something you learned while you were involved?
I learned that every birth is different, but each is powerful in its own way.  and that it is impossible not to make an emotional connection when you're dealing with subject matter as profound as labor and deliver.

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