Thursday, March 12, 2015

Parenting Pointers: Shower Planning for Adoptive Parents

People often plan showers for those expecting a new baby. However, sometimes those who are adopted are forgotten when it comes to showers to celebrate a new addition to a family.  Executive Director of The Adoption Consultancy Nicole Witt-- put these 6 tips together for those planning a shower for (an) expectant parent(s) who are adopting.  Check out the tips below:
  • Before or After Adoption--Just ask: Ask the prospective parents what they want.  Some will want the baby shower prior to the birth so they can enjoy what other women get to enjoy, while others will prefer to have the shower after the placement when they no longer have to worry about the adoption falling through.
  • With Adoption, Remember to Specify Age, Gender and Size: If the child was not adopted as a newborn (or if the shower is taking place some time after the placement), make sure guests know the age (& sizes) of the child so they can buy appropriate clothing
  • Choose a Theme Not Involving Pregnancy: Give it a non-pregnancy theme, either something cultural associated with the birth mother's life or where the baby will be/was born (like a bunch of clouds if the baby was born in the Windy City of Chicago) or make it match the nursery design
  • Co-Ed Shower--Make it into a Celebration: Make it co-ed since it is not completely a traditional baby shower, make it less baby-centric and more of a celebration of life and their parenting journey.
  • Adult Beverages or Fancy Non-Alcoholic Drink Are a Must: Serve mimosas or another specialty/themed cocktail (with alcohol or not) so that the adoptive mom gets something special from not being pregnant.
  • Games Are A Must--But Not Pregnancy Related: Do a baby shower games that don't relate to pregnancy, such as Nursery Rhyme Jeopardy or a Baby Item Scavenger Hunt.

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