Saturday, April 18, 2015

Amazing Apps: Baby Gigl

Changes in dietary habits play an integral part in diagnosing many diseases infants face, and parents now have a tool to objectively monitor and report their child’s dietary habits to their pediatrician. Baby Gigl, the world’s first smart baby bottle includes a mobile app that analyzes and reports the timing, quantity and quality of each feeding session, exposing patterns that can be unforeseen or misinterpreted by parents.
Dr. Joseph Cohen, expert pediatrician and thought leader in health tech, concludes that "Pediatricians are used to relying on the recall of sleep deprived parents for histories, including feeding. With Baby Journal 3.0 included with the Baby Gigl, for the first time, parents can effortlessly give the pediatrician accurate and robust information regarding the infant's feeding progress.”
Parents can manually input additional information into the Baby Journal, like diapers changes and sleep, providing a better picture of patterns in the baby’s life. The bottle is currently available for preorder via their Indiegogo campaign, and helps reduce colic and diarrhea with a digital inclinometer that instructs the caregiver how to properly hold the bottle while feeding.
I had a chance to do an interview to learn more.
1. What was the inspiration behind creating the Baby Gigl?
One day while I was giving my son a bottle, my wife rushed toward me exclaiming, “What are you doing? Raise your elbow!”
I thought she was joking at first, but I quickly realized that she wasn’t laughing!
“You made him drink air! Do you want him to have colic?”
I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t feeding the bottle properly to our son, Nathan.
Like any self-respecting scientist, I did some research and learned that 45 percent of babies fed with bottles had colic, (mostly due to air ingested during feeding) while only 18 percent of breast-fed babies were diagnosed with colic. 

2. How does it analyze the quality of feeding sessions?
Baby Gigl is a smart baby bottle holder that analyzes, corrects and monitors feeding and tracks the amount consumed. With this information, the bottle holder helps monitor the child’s health throughout each stage of his or her growth. 
A parent can’t be there for every feeding, so they must depend on a network of grandparents, extended family, nannies and childcare providers to help them care for their child.
Equipped with an inclinometer, it alerts users with light-up arrow signals to teach correct bottle positioning, as wrong angles can result in spit up, diarrhea or colic.  

3. Why is this more helpful than a parent keeping records on their own?
Baby Gigl comes with smartphone app Baby Journal 3.0 that includes all information collected by the Baby Gigl related to the baby’s feeding and general care.  The objective data in these reports gives an overview of the baby’s meals per day, week, and month. 
It also facilitates collaborating and sharing with other care givers with color-coded status updates tracking number of diapers used, number of burps, total time spent sleeping, temperature logs and more. 
The Baby Journal also tracks other information manually entered or provided by other connected devices.

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