Monday, April 6, 2015

Caring Causes: St. James Coffee House

The St. James Coffee House, believed to be the nation’s first Catholic non-profit coffee house, announced the launch of a crowd funding campaign with hopes of bringing the ministry of the Catholic Church and the good news of the Gospel to a wider audience across the nation and throughout the world.
Since opening, St. James Coffee House estimates that it has served and ministered to hundreds of people weekly through gatherings in the form of speakers, seminars, movie showings and concerts. The organization is run by a Board of Directors and staffed with one full-time employee that manages a team of volunteer baristas. “Since our opening, St. James Coffee House has been a pivotal gathering place for deeper conversations, creative expression, intellectual and spiritual dialogue,” said Brian Kusek, Director of Evangelization. “Currently our space offers seating for up to 50 people, we seek to grow our outreach and transform all through our mission centered on the good news of the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.”   

The $10,000 Kickstarter goal will allow the Catholic nonprofit cafe to further its ministry by bolstering the present resources, increasing its apologetic books and resource library, as well as providing a technical infrastructure for outreach via the Internet through web and podcasts. The organization also hopes to provide stipends to national Catholic speakers and musicians.

Help the one-of-a-kind apostolate succeed by signing up early, and be the first to know when the campaign launches. Just enter your email at and be included in a raffle to win one of 5 hand-made custom wooden mugs!

Our mission is to provide a welcoming space for non-Catholics and non-practicing Catholics to come to know Christ and His Church, and to provide a forum for Catholics to find fellowship and catechesis. At St. James Coffee, we believe that quality products inspire quality conversation; that something as simple as a cup of coffee can be one of the best reminders of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

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