Monday, April 20, 2015

Healthy Habits: Dental Fillings and Holistic Dentistry

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Any dental material in your mouth that is not compatible with your particular body chemistry is likely to be suppressing and stressing your immune system, says Dr. David Villarreal, an international renowned leader in holistic dentistry. The suppression of the immune system can lead to a host of illnesses from frequent colds to autoimmune diseases to far worse conditions.
I had a chance to interview him to learn more.

    •    How can mercury fillings affect health?
One just has to go on the internet and type in “mercury  fillings and health” and you will see an array of articles relating to the possibility of that connection. Mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive element on Earth—more toxic than lead, arsenic or cadmium according to scientists. Studies show that mercury heavy metal poisoning--has been linked to Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Lupus,  Parkinson’s, arthritis and many other auto immune diseases . Why are we still placing a material in the mouth that that was pioneered more than 250 years ago? There are some many more options today. Were  we not taught not to play with the mercury when we broke a thermometer ? Why is it ok to have it in our mouth?
    •    Why are other dental materials a problem?
Silver fillings aren’t the only immune-damaging fillings you can have. Some white fillings are often problematic as well. Composite resins are made up of a variety of components with different chemical compositions. BIS-GMA is a frequently used binding agent in dental composites, and it’s widely known that it is not good for you. There are too many composite manufacturers That’s why it is wise to get a blood compatibility test to see which ones you are the least reactive to. Keep in mind, not all composites  (white fillings)  are created equal.
    •    Why should people look at dentistry as part of a whole­ body health issue, not just the teeth and mouth?
If you were to go buy a horse, the first thing you do is hire a veterinarian to check out its health. What is the first  thing that the vet does? Look in the horse’s mouth, that tells him or her a lot   about the horse’s overall health. We have regressed in modern science because we have decapitated the patient. The   AMA and ADA now know how much periodontal disease  affects the overall health of the person. The teeth are each connected to an organ in the body via the energy meridians. When you address the mouth, there are consequences elsewhere.

    •    What are the advantages of this holistic approach?
We not only see what we can do to better the condition of one's mouth, but how it can help in supporting a person’s natural power to heal. The body is an amazing instrument that we continually take for granted. What I try to do is to decrease the amount the body has to deal with by choosing the most healthy options when placing something in one's mouth.

Dr. David Villarreal, an international renowned leader in holistic dentistry, is sought out worldwide for his expertise in biocompatible dentistry (matching body chemistry with compatible filling materials to strengthen, rather than weaken the immune system) and the removal of mercury fillings. People coming from as far away as Canada, Europe and Africa to be under his care. Dr. Villarreal, based in Southern California, employs a host of procedures that protect everyone and the environment in the process, making it appear that the HazMat team may have descended on the office. For more information, go to and

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