Friday, April 3, 2015

Parenting Pointers: Guide to Cleaning Second-Hand Toys

Buying used toys is great considering how expensive the new ones can be. You can find some very nice things which your child will certainly enjoy. If you make the decision of purchasing such items, you have to be sure that you know how to clean them perfectly, since you will be giving them to your children. Undoubtedly, the easiest way you can disinfect the second-hand toys is by putting them in the washing machines. This, however, is not always possible because on the labels of some of them you might read that they shouldn't be put in such machine. In this case you can look for alternatives which will still allow you to clean effectively the toys without worrying that you might damage them.

Just because the label says that you can't throw a certain second-hand toy in the washing machine, it doesn't mean that you have to give up on buying it. You can still solve this dilemma by finding another way to disinfect this toy. The type of the material from which is made the toy will tell you how most effectively you can clean it. You also probably realize that the moment your little one puts his or her hands on the toy it will become dirty again very fast. That's why it is important to find an easy way to disinfect the toys of your kid promptly. Here are some tips which you can use for the second-hand toys:

Homemade recipes – You probably think that for a really good disinfection of the toys you need products which contain strong chemicals that can kill all the dangerous bacteria. It is true that your supplies have to be effective but the ones which you will find in the shop will probably leave a residue. If you want to protect your little one from the toxic ingredients of the store-bought detergents and other products, you can try cleaning the second-hand toys with natural blends. The white vinegar, the baking soda and other things which you use every day in your kitchen will be able to remove any form of pollution fast, even the bad smells.

White vinegar for the plastic toys – One of the most effective products, which is also very affordable, is the white vinegar. It is capable of destroying the persistent stains on the toys, remove the old unpleasant smells and also kill the dangerous microbes. You can mix equal amounts of white vinegar and water and use this to disinfect the plastic and the wooden second-hand toys. Whether you wipe them with a cloth soaked in the solution or leave the toys in it for a couple of hours, the choice is yours. The results will be excellent.

Washing by hand – Like we've already mentioned, there are some stuffed toys which are made from more delicate fabric that shouldn't be put in the washing machine. You can still try it but you have to at least put the toy in a pillowcase first, so that it has some kind of protection. Another way you can clean such second-hand or any other toys is by washing them by hand. First, you can put the toy in a freezer bag which you can then leave in your freezer for a day or two, so that all dust mites could die.

Removing the bad smell – Usually, all second-hand toys have a specific smell which disappears after the cleaning and washing. Sometimes, however, the toys can have a strong smell of cigarettes or something else which can be unbearable. You don't want your kid to breathe in all those bad odours, so you have to make sure that they disappear. The baking soda can help you with this problem. You can soak the toy in a solution of water and baking soda for a while, after which you can wash the toy. For a very strong smell, you can substitute the soda with white vinegar and the bad odours will be gone.

Author Bio: Kathleen Crane is a frugal mommy of three gorgeous kids. Even if she is busy with her work at  DomesticCleanLondon Chiswick she always finds time for her precious kids. They like to spend time together as a family playing some board games or making crafts.

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