Monday, April 6, 2015

Parenting Pointers: Parenting Tips for a Healthy Baby

All new parents worry about their baby. The good news is that parents have the power to influence their child’s health and wellbeing from before birth and throughout infancy.   companies are recognizing the need to develop products that give parents confidence in their child care and that. Jacques Lépine, CEO and founder of the smart baby bottle holder Baby Gigl offers these  tips for successful parenting:

1.     Pre-natal health: Mother’s health is one of the most important factors of determining the health of a baby throughout its life. The health of the mother, including her nutrient intake and level of exercise, can help influence life-long good health for her unborn child. All expectant mothers should follow their doctors’ recommendations for prenatal check ups.

2.      Health and nutrition: Once the baby arrives, a nutritious, well-balanced diet is essential for normal growth and development. Parents can ensure that their baby is getting enough milk or formula by learning proper feeding techniques, monitoring intake and keeping the baby on a regular feeding schedule. Baby Gigl is a great product to teach caregivers how to properly hold a bottle and keep track of how much a baby is eating to help stay on top of a feeding regimen.

3.      Safety: Preventable accidents account for 75 to 95 percent of injuries to children  in the America. Child-proofing a living space is an important step in keeping children safe. Products like electrical outlet covers, safety locks for ovens and refrigerators, corner guards for furniture and gates for staircases should be used to help keep a child’s environment safe.

4.      Non-toxic products: The Toxic Controlled Substance Act in the U.S. has not been updated since 1976. Do not risk letting children come in contact with products that may have poisonous substances in them. Look for  safe pacifiers, teethers, and bottles that are BPA and chemical-free.

5.      Breastfeeding: Breastfeeding helps strengthen the baby’s immune system, to help fight off digestive, respiratory and urinary infections and other illnesses. Mothers must stay in good health even after the birth, as the baby still receives key nutrients through their mother’s breast milk.

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