Monday, April 6, 2015

Shopping Savings: DriveSense™ from Esurance

Whether using coupons, checking for sales or negotiating a better price, nobody wants to overpay for anything they buy. However, millions of Americans could be leaving money on the table when it comes to paying for their car insurance. Esurance DriveSense™ is a discount program that offers customers a chance to save on car insurance based solely on their driving.
The safer they drive, the more they could save. Esurance customers who sign up for DriveSense receive an automatic 5 or 10 percent discount on their insurance, depending on their state of residence. After that, customers could earn a personalized discount each subsequent policy term based specifically on their driving.  The average discount is 10 percent, but some customers have saved up to 30 percent. 


Once enrolled in the program, customers connect the small DriveSense device to a vehicle's onboard diagnostics (OBD-II) port.  It then records and transmits vehicle data, which is used to determine the discount. Because it's personalized for the driver, the discount will vary based on driving habits. To get the higher discount, drivers will want to avoid risky behaviors like sudden acceleration, hard braking, fast cornering, aggressive lane changing, and speeding.

For anyone looking to save on their car insurance, there is simply no reason to not take part in the program. Esurance does not raise customers’ rates by participating in the program. Participants may, however, see a change in their premium if the DriveSense discount changes. The discount is personalized based on driving habits, which means it could go up and down from term to term.


Esurance wants to help make sure that customers pay only for what's right for them, and not be lumped in with people sorta like them. DriveSense is an example of how they are delivering on that.  Now offered in 31 states, with plans to expand into other states in the near future, the program is available for most non-hybrid, non-electric cars produced since 1996. Get all the details at

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