Saturday, April 4, 2015

Shopping Savings: GoodShop Tax Season Savings

For Tax Season, Goodshop is partnering with three premiere online tax filing sites-- in order to offer a variety of coupons, discounts, and deals. This partnership is particularly relevant because nearly 74% of people no longer file their taxes with a traditional accountant, and 85% of those people are unaware that there are tons of online coupons— with savings up to 50% off!—that can help them save while they file.

The best part? Goodshop pledges to donate up to 12.5% for every dollar your readers spend while filing their taxes.That means that, this year, your readers can save AND give, without spending an extra dime.
They have over 40 juicy TurboTax coupons listed on our site including:
> $20 off a TurboTax Deluxe package
 > $25 off a TurboTax Premier Package
> Up to 10% extra to spend on Amazon with a TurboTax Refund Bonus. 
One of our Goodshoppers, Bendu, described her experience using Goodshop to file her taxes last week: “I am juiced! Through Goodshop’s partnership with TurboTax, I saved 20% and raised over $8 for Love 113. Every dollar counts— especially when it was generated just by me doing something I already was going to do!”

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