Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Amazing Apps: Daily Companion

First of its kind in the emergency market space, Daily Companion is a patented telecare and personal emergency medical alert system. Collaborating to challenge embedded industry leaders and save more lives, entrepreneurs on both coasts have designed and launched Daily Companion, a highly sophisticated medical alert system.

“For decades, First Responders on the scene have been known to desperately search for the patient's prescription bottles to find out what medications they are taking. Arriving at the scene, they do everything possible to save a life. But, not knowing the medical history or current medications; trying to determine what to do in order to prolong or extend life can turn into a daunting and frustrating experience,” notes Phil Verruto, co-founder and MedSign’s Chairman.

“We have created the most sophisticated of medical emergency alert systems on the market, far superior to the others. It starts when Daily Companion subscribers in crisis, activate an emergency call. Immediately upon arrival, the EMTs find the patient's detailed medical history prominently displayed on the Daily Companion console screen. Having access to his/her list of meds, the EMTs are much better equipped to save many more lives,” comments Tom Conroy, MedSign co-founder and CTO.

MedSign allows global secure access to personal health data, GPS tracking with automatic notification sent to loved ones, and a registered nurse on call 24/7. MedSign intends to market the patented Daily Companion through hospital discharge units, private physician practices, and retail pharmacy chains.
About MedSign International Corporation
The Company focuses on the manufacturing and marketing of their patented Daily Companion, a home-based telecare personal emergency medical alert system. The system includes subscriber-based services that unites healthcare management apps, such as its Reminder Calendar and daily Brain-Challenging exercises, with an emergency communication system that can connect the customer to their physician, Daily Companion's Nurse on Call, and the Emergency Call Center. Products include the Daily Companion Home Base Station, and various integrated Medical Alert Apps for iPhone, Android Smartphone, and flip phone users.

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