Thursday, May 28, 2015

Amazing Apps: ParentBlocked

ParentBlocked is a revolutionary and simple new app for parents to manage their kids’ Android phone/tablet use 24 hours a day.  With one easy click, parents will have full control over their kids’ devices and able to “lock” any phone during a multitude of scenarios like during school hours and homework time, but more importantly it prevents the ability to text while driving as the phone automatically shuts down once the car exceeds 10mph. While the phone is locked, they will be able to dial 911 and call a specifically agreed upon list of contacts in case of any emergency.  They will not be able to text, call or participate in social media during the ‘blocked times’ specified by their parents. 
ParentBlocked was designed for the simple purpose of saving lives! The stats are staggering and preventative by one simple click. According to an AAA poll, 94% of teen drivers acknowledge the dangers of texting and driving, but 35% admitted to doing it anyway. Eleven teens die every day as a result of texting while driving while 21% of teen drivers involved in fatal accidents were distracted by their cell phones. Teen drivers are 4x more likely than adults to get into car crashes or near-crashes when talking or texting on a cell phone. In 2012, 3,328 people were killed in distraction-related crashes while 421,000 people were injured in crashes involving a distracted driver.(Learn more with articles from Today, NYTimes, ABC News, and NBC News.)
ParentBlocked Features:
         ParentBlocked Safe Driving Mode: When safe driving is active, ParentBlocked blocks 100% of distractions from Android devices while still allowing the child to call 911 and a parent with one touch. 
         ParentBlocked Scheduler: This allows parents to schedule responsible phone time for your children, shutting down phone access during certain hours like school, dinner, homework and bedtime. Restrict all calls and texts except to 911, parents and pre-selected numbers.
         ParentBlocked Grounded: This gives parents the ability to remotely turn off their children’s Android smartphones anytime, anywhere, while still allowing them to call 911, parents and a list of phone numbers you pre-select.
         ParentBlocked Total Application Manager: Allows parents to see and approve every app a child downloads, with all new downloads automatically blocked until a parent approves it.

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