Saturday, May 9, 2015

Amazing Apps: RimTech

Project Overlord is paving the way in anti-theft technology to curb the latest automotive theft craze - vehicle wheels!  With their new Wheel Anti-Theft  Tracking Device & Mobile App, RimTech will alert vehicle owners when their wheels have been tampered with, and will track the owner's wheels to the theft location within 10ft.
With devices like built-in GPS, On-Star, and LoJack, car theft statistics have been declining as technology's been improving. Since 1991, car theft has decreased by 65%. Thieves have been reduced to settling for the wheels of vehicles because up until now, they've been untraceable.
I had a chance to find out more.
Why was RimTech created? RimTech was created to combat theft on a global scale of the part of the car that is not protected by the vehicle's alarm system. This problem has no solution or recourse to help the owner so we created that solution.

What makes it so effective? The proximity and tracking systems allowing for early notification of an attempted theft to the owner, scaring off the would be thief and tracking for recovery.

How else can people make their vehicles less likely to be stolen? Park under a street light and in well lit areas. Wheel locks don't work against thieves that do this for a living.

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