Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Amazing Apps: Wolfpack

Hey ladies, are you tired of your boyfriend tagging along everywhere you go? Is your dad moping around the house in the midst of a divorce? Are you sick of your brother hogging the couch at home as he’s playing his videogames? Fret no more. There is hope! The Wolfpack App is here to save the men in your life by providing the perfect medium to expand their friend group.  
WOLFPACK is an event-based app that allows all men – single or in a relationship – to grow their own social group through similar interests and hobbies. If your man loves watching sports, he can enjoy the game and some drinks with other sports aficionados at the local bar. And now you have the entire couch to yourself to binge-watch Girls on Netflix!
To get your man off the couch as fast as possible, get him to download the free app on his iPhone. Sign up for the app through email or Facebook, answer a few, short questions. Now, you’re free to schedule a girls’ night out with your own friends!

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