Friday, May 29, 2015

Healthy Habits: Bestowed's Gluten-Free Product Guide

Health crazes and diet trends may come and go, but every so often there are advances in the nutrition and medical field that are true game changers. For decades, individuals diagnosed with celiac disease were simply characterized with extreme gastrointestinal problems, but with further research, this multisystemic autoimmune disorder is now known to be caused by permanent intolerance to gluten, predominantly found in genetically-susceptible individuals. With the increasing diagnosis of celiac disease in America, the demand for gluten-free products has skyrocketed. The food industry has strongly met those demands by putting out numerous gluten-free products, in some cases over-saturating the market and causing confusion amongst consumers. To help consumers cut through the clutter, Bestowed recently released their 2015 Gluten-Free Product Guide. Bestowed only features products that meet strict quality standards which are enforced by their team of health & nutrition experts. The guide is a curated list of those products that meet their standards with the added benefit of being 100% gluten-free.
While doctors estimate just 1 percent of the population have celiac disease, marketers estimate that about 30 percent of consumers want gluten-free foods. Why? Surprisingly, even if you don't have a full-fledged gluten intolerance, you still may be slightly sensitive to it, causing symptoms ranging from bloating and discomfort to rashes. Some people staying away from gluten may also just feel a placebo effect, feeling better and losing weight from consuming fewer processed and fast foods, and reaching for healthier options like fruits, vegetables and certain whole grains. 
Bestowed’s Gluten-Free Product Guide is a good resource for anyone looking for high-quality gluten-free products, available in most grocery stores. These products are both low in fat and high in fiber and flavor.
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About Bestowed
Widely recognized as the leading product discovery platform for health-conscious consumers, Bestowed is a subscription-based discovery service that delivers nutritionist recommended products direct to consumers. Founded in 2012 by Heather Bauer, a nationally recognized nutrition expert, author and entrepreneur, Bestowed was created to make it easy for consumers to find the best better-for-you products on the market. For more information about Bestowed, please visit the company’s website at

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