Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Shopping Savings: Senior AddVantage Phone Plans

Pure TalkUSA, a leading provider of affordable, no contract cell phone plans, has announced the launch of its new Senior AddVantage Plans, which include exclusive and affordable phone services specifically designed for seniors 55 and up.

The new plans offer flexible and affordable services to individuals who prefer to adjust their minutes and texts as they go, paying only for what they need. The AddVantage Plans also offer seniors safe, convenient and easy ways to stay connected with family and loved ones with the nation’s largest GSM network and Pure TalkUSA’s reliable U.S.-based customer service.

The AddVantage Plans start at just $5 per month and include extra bonus minutes each month for five months, thereby offering customers up to a 50 percent increase in minutes and letting them keep those minutes after five months moving forward, at the same original price. Additionally, Pure TalkUSA’s plans have no contracts, no restrictions and no hidden fees.

For a breakdown of minutes that customers receive each month under the AddVantage Plan, visit http://www.puretalkuse.com/senior-addvantage-plan.php

Customers also have the ability to earn 10 percent back in bonus minutes for the first five months of service. Additionally, if users sign up for any variation of the Senior AddVantage Plan, they will receive $15 instant credit when purchasing the Logic X1.

“We believe that people have the right to know exactly what they’re getting from their cell phone service providers – no one should have to pay for more than what they use,” said Norman Klugman, COO at Pure TalkUSA. “All too often we see good people get tricked into buying a phone or plan they don’t need. Pure TalkUSA strives for honest communication and aims to build authentic relationships with our customers. We try to give people exactly what they need, when they need it. We hope that the Senior AddVantage Plan helps improve our customers’ lives, and ultimately, their ability to effectively reach and communicate with the people that mean the most to them.”

For more information about Pure TalkUSA’s Senior AddVantage Plans, visit http://www.puretalkusa.com/senior-addvantage-plan.php.


About Pure TalkUSA:
Pure TalkUSA, a nationwide provider of low-cost cell phone plans, offers flexible, reliable cellular phone service on the nation's largest GSM Network. Plans start at $5 and never require a contract, and Pure TalkUSA does not charge any fees for roaming or long distance. Flexible consumer-focused plans and advanced network technologies allow Pure TalkUSA to provide better mobile provider experiences for its customers. To learn more about Pure TalkUSA, visit www.puretalkusa.com.

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