Thursday, May 21, 2015

Smart Safety: Pool Features to Look For

The temperature is remaining warm, Memorial Day is around the corner and the kids are almost out of school. For tens of thousands of children, their eyes switch from the books to the pool.
Children are almost always attracted to water, so how do you know if your pool safe? Doug McCarron, an attorney with The Haggard Law Firm, has represented several families who have experienced tragedies because of unsafe or unsecure pools and pool areas. In many cases, the errors are common. Considering this, McCarron wants to share a few things parents should look out for to keep their little ones safe in and around pools.

1.       Self-Latching Pool Gates
McCarron says self-latching pool gates are the law in many states such as Florida, which has the highest rate of drowning deaths in the country. A self-latching gate can mean the difference between life and death, and there are several styles to choose from. If a home association or apartment complex you want to move to does not have a self-latching gate, request one from the association, or do not move there.

2.      Dual main drains. This underwater element is one that many of us do not usually think about, but a dual main drain can save a life. Having dual drains distributes the water suction between the two drains. This lessens the possibility of a child’s or adult’s hair getting sucked into a drain and possibly causing drowning. There are laws governing specific requirements for this in many states, so be sure to ask a pool expert.
3.       Alarm! Making noise can make the difference. Children can easily wander about, and it could only take a few seconds for them to find the pool. McCarron says a safety measure that is not required by law, but can be crucially effective, is an audible alarm system on all doors that exit to the pool area. With an audible alarm system, an open door signals a subtle alarm when anyone exits the house. This could potentially be a lifesaving feature and can create an extra sense of security for parents.
Douglas J. McCarron received his Bachelors of Science in 1993 and his Juris Doctorate in 1995, both with Honors from Florida State University. Upon graduation, Doug served as an Assistant State Attorney in Miami-Dade County for four years. While there, Doug was a member of the Career Criminal Unit where he distinguished himself in over 50 trials prosecuting violent crime.
McCarron joined The Haggard Law Firm in 2006 and has lent his expertise by handling a wide variety of cases including negligent security, pool drowning, construction accidents, auto accidents and wrongful death cases.  Since becoming a partner in 2007, he has resolved numerous cases resulting in over $65 million in settlements and verdicts.  

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