Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Thrifty Thinking: Colorful Alternatives to the Traditional Shower Curtain Ring

 It’s spring and we’re all thinking about cleaning and organizing. The interior designer in me prefers to redecorate than clean, and sometimes a room just needs a quick makeover.
While you’re scrubbing down the bathroom, here are three easy projects you can do to update the shower curtain:
It doesn’t take much effort—or even much money—to change the bathroom. Don’t be satisfied with a boring white shower curtain and basic curtain rings. I know its cliché, but think outside the proverbial box (or maybe simply look in your ribbon box) for inspiration.

Pink is for Girls
For a girl’s bathroom, I dug out yards of ribbon with pink hearts. You can use any ribbon, but I suggest something heavier like this embroidered style. It will hold up better to being pulled back and forth.  Standard shower curtains have 12 grommet holes, or “button holes.” I cut 12 pieces of ribbon 36 in. long. You could use longer pieces—there are no set rules!

I folded the ribbon in half and looped the center over the curtain rod and through the grommet hole. Then I tied a neat bow in the front and cut the ends on the diagonal.
Choose navy ribbon for the boy’s bath or whatever color matches your color scheme.

 Classical and Traditional Bathroom
Another no-sew decorative technique is to add tassels to standard hooks.

You can purchase ready-made tassels at the fabric store or look for tassel fringe. In this case, I found a shade of blue I liked and cut off twelve tassels. Be sure to cut off enough ribbon to tie a knot. Tie each tassel to whatever curtain hook you are currently using!

Pamper Yourself with a Glam Shower!
Maybe it’s time to redecorate your own bathroom into a feminine spa. This time I used chunky crystal napkin rings.

The beauty of napkin rings is that they fit over a standard shower curtain rod and can easily move back and forth (to open and close the curtain).

I tied the ring to the grommet hole with a white string. Voila—you’re done. Choose a napkin ring to suit your style: industrial or country or modern. The possibilities are endless and so easy to change on a whim.
Have you found other creative ways to personalize and lively up your shower curtain?

Merri Cvetan is an interior designer and DIY crafter who writes about her unique ideas for The Home Depot. Merri's design career began after she purchased an 1890s fixer-upper farm house. You can view Home Depot's stylish shower curtains and liners selection online.

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