Friday, May 29, 2015

Website Spotlight: Nightswapping

So you've decided to sleep on your mother in law's sofa, in her house in the South of Spain to save on your travel budget? You should know there are better ways of travelling on a shoestring.This summer, 70% of internet users will be using the sharing economy to find a place to stay and the new trend for 2015 is to swap nights.Forget impersonal hotel rooms and costly rentals. This summer it's time to share and experience free authentic stays at the locals'.

With the sunny days and balmy weather finally making a comeback, the same old question keeps coming up each Friday at lunch break: 'Do you have any plans for the weekend?'
Sure we would love to be like John from accounting, with his weekends abroad planned months in advance. Sadly though we are not John and we do not have anything planned for the weekend... yet. 

NightSwapping knows this situation well and is now here to help the less organized travellers with a new service called WEEKEND SWAP.

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