Friday, June 5, 2015

Amazing Apps: Roadie

The shared economy is giving consumers the chance to turn their cars into money makers. Think Uber - but for stuff, not people. Roadie is an app-based shipping service that takes advantage of the routes people are already traveling to get items where they need to be. Senders post pictures and details of what they want shipped and Roadies respond based on availbility to deliver, earning cash, tax write-offs and more. The start up is booming as a cost effective shipping solution - and Roadies are cashing in for driving where they were already going anyway!

For city dwellers who may not need their car daily, this can be a great way to earn a little spare spending money. I had a chance to do an interview to find out more.

What was the inspiration behind Roadie?
The idea for Roadie came in February 2014 when founder Marc Gorlin was on his way to his Florida condo to do renovations. He was having lunch in Montgomery, Alabama, on a Thursday and got a call from his tile guy to say the tile had shown up broken and the replacement wasn't going to arrive from Birmingham until Monday. As Gorlin was sitting on the overpass on I-65, he looked left, and saw all these cars going North, then looked right and saw all these cars going South. He then thought to himself that there was bound to be somebody leaving Birmingham in that moment, heading to Montgomery. If he just knew who they were, surely they’d throw a box of tiles in their trunk and he'd give them 20 bucks... they’re making the trip anyway. From that moment, Roadie was born.

How does it help senders save money?
Roadie is less expensive than traditional expedited shipping and because items are handled directly, senders can save on boxes, packing peanuts, and all the excess padding that goes into a typical package.

What are the benefits to the Roadies?
Roadies get cash payments for each 'gig' they accept and they also get tax write-offs on miles they were already driving anyway. Plus, Roadie's partnership with Waffle House as official Roadie Roadhouses means freebies for Roadie drivers when they pick up and deliver at Waffle House locations around the country.

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