Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fun Freetime: 3D Printing Projects

Summer vacation is the perfect time to start doing DIY projects as a family. Planning days that are fun for the whole family is made simple with the Ultimaker2 Go, a small, portable 3D printer. Ultimaker 3D printer can utilize the large library of pre-made designs from YouMagine users that will spark the imaginations of kids of all ages. Each design can be downloaded and brought to life using the Ultimaker2 Go 3D Printer. Although the designs are pre-programed, each user can customize his/her design by using different types and colors of filaments (3D printer ink). Check out these five fun 3D printing designs that parents can make with their kids this summer:
·         Piggy Bank: Keep track of their summer lemonade stand earnings with this 3D printed piggy bank.
·         T-Rex Cookie Cutter: To make the fun dinosaur shaped cookie shown below, download this design for a 3D printed cookie cutter.
·         Harry Potter Glasses: This scalable 3D print design allows every kid to become their favorite wizard.
·         Ultimaker CataChip: 3D print this fun game for the whole family where users try to score by throwing chips at a target.
·         DIY Toy: This customizable toy prints blank, allowing everyone to print their own character and then paint and decorate how they choose.

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