Friday, June 19, 2015

Fun Freetime: Videos for Dad from DreamWorksTV

It’s not every day that DreamWorkTV dedicates programming to dads, and this week they went bananas!! From our behind-the-scene series DreamWorks Download to the life-hacking gift-packing show Life Hacks for Kids, they hand-picked these special episodes to honor the best dads.

Happy Father's Day to those special fathers, grandpas, uncles and guardians out there. 

Challenge Dad - Ice Water Plunge
Kid vs. Parent: In this new series, Gregor keeps his dad on his toes by challenging him to “ice bucket scrabble.” The loser bathes in oatmeal.
Ice Water Plunge

DIY Gifts for Dad - Best Dad Life Hacks
Life Hacks for Kids: Expert life hacker Sunny has awesome QUICK gift hacks just for dad!

DreamWorks Download: It's time to celebrate with the 5 coolest dads in the history of DreamWorks Animation from Stoick the Vast (How to Train Your Dragon) to Mr. Peabody (Mr. Peabody & Sherman)! Which dad is your favorite?

What Grown-Ups Don’t Know: DreamWorksTV’s Juliocesar quizzes grownups on the latest dance moves.  Do you think your dad can keep up?

DreamWorksTV is the ultimate lifestyle channel for kids and families. Combining DreamWorks Animations’ expertise as a global family entertainment brand with the digital savvy of AwesomenessTV, viewers now have on-demand access to content produced just for them. Helmed by AwesomenessTV’s Brian Robbins, DreamWorksTV showcases laugh-out-loud and family-friendly programming, including animated web series featuring DreamWorks fan favorites, Shrek and Donkey, Puss in Boots, Po and more. Plus, original live-action series, kids Comedy, DIY videos and handpicked music are all accessible through any device at any time. Visit DreamWorksTV at, “like” them on Facebook using keyword “DreamWorksTV” and follow them on Twitter @DreamWorksTV.

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