Friday, June 19, 2015

Fun Freetime: World Juggling Day

Celebrate World Juggling Day Saturday June 20 with Family Juggling Activities!

Here are some fun family juggling activities to try:
Throw-clap-catch: Turn on your favorite music and take one scarf. In time with the music, throw the scarf up, clap your hands together, then catch the scarf. Repeat. Have fun doing this in time with the music!
Juggling with two family members: One person holds 2 scarves, the other holds 1 scarf. Stand shoulder to shoulder, with each person holding the scarves (or scarf) in their outer hand. Place the hand/arm that is next to your partner (the one without the scarves) behind your back. The person with 2 scarves throws 1 scarf to start the two-person juggle. It's kind of like a 3-legged race, but with juggling!
"Last One Juggling" game with scarves and/or balls. Everyone starts juggling, the last one juggling (without dropping) wins the game.

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