Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Giveaway: Baby Poop

Baby poop is certainly of the ickiest, stinkiest parts of parenthood. It's easy to talk about baby’s first steps or adorable giggles, but not so much about the digestive functions.
The reality is that parents who hold their noses and learn about baby poop are able to gain important insight on their baby’s digestion, immune functioning, and overall wellness. That’s why infant health expert Linda F. Palmer, DC , author of Baby Matters, wrote BABY POOP, which will be released later this month.
Palmer says, “Since babies cannot tells us what is bothering them, it is especially important for parents to understand what baby poop reveals about what’s going on inside our children’s bodies.” Edited by pediatrician Susan Markel, MD, BABY POOP provides evidence from scientific and medical studies, along with the wisdom of lactation consultants, midwives, mothers, and infant care specialists.

The book was well-written and helped remove some of the "ew" factor from talking about this normal fact of parenting. Although I'm past the baby years, I think it would've been very helpful to have read years ago!

I have a chance to give away a copy of the book. To enter, leave a comment with what question you most have about baby poop. Deadline is June 5th.

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