Monday, June 8, 2015

World Wisdom: Dear Baby Products

Kate Ansari, Owner and Co-Founder of Dear Baby Products, LLC, started the company after a thyroid cancer diagnosis during pregnancy made her decide to leave my fast-paced career as a news producer to become a full time mom. A Pinterest fanatic, she started whipping up my own homemade lotions and creams and soon a business was born. After selling at local farmer's markets in Maryland, we were picked up by select Whole Foods stores and Etsy Wholesale.

The company only puts ingredients in the products that they would (and do) use on their own children-- nothing artificial ever! (Check out their standards here.)

In Kate's own words:

I became a full time mom after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer during my first pregnancy. Suddenly, my time was more valuable than anything. So while I was home with my son, I started perusing Pinterest and whipped up DIY lotions, creams, etc. for my family. I gave them out as baby shower gifts when my sister suggested we form a company and sell at local farmers markets. Interest grew and soon we were in various local boutiques and in select Whole Foods Markets and on Etsy Wholesale! The transition from creating products to launching a brand was organic-- the business just naturally grew and blossomed before my eyes.

Our products are the simplest I have seen on the market. When buying for my son I was shocked to see so many unpronounceable things in trusted natural brands. Many of our products have 5 ingredients or less and only contain ingredients you could purchase at the grocery store (and pronounce!) Each and every product is the result of a need I've had while caring for my children (and myself) in real life. I developed our Dear Baby Bottom Paste after my son had a bout with diaper rash. Our wipes solution came about after I ran out of wipes in my diaper bag and wanted something to pour on a paper towel that was more natural than public bathroom soap and water. Both of these products are also great for people who cloth diaper as they are zinc-free, so the scent washes out of cloth diapers completely. We recently launched a line of pregnancy-safe products just for mama-- everything from black tea self tanner to vitamin c facial serum-- because these are the products I was worried about using during pregnancy, but I still wanted to look my best. Everything we make is completely chemical free and that makes it worry-free for moms.. and babies!

I am currently an MBA student at Carnegie Mellon University (yeah, I don't know how I do it either!), so my goal is use the knowledge I gain at school to turn Dear Baby into my full time job. I would love to make simple skincare a mainstream idea that is accessible to women everywhere. Just because you don't have time or money shouldn't mean you have to sacrifice quality skincare. 

My message to moms is you don't need a ton of ingredients to make effective skincare products, so don't buy products that contain them. You and your family deserve the best, most natural products on the market. And that's where we come in :)

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