Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Caring Causes: Shopping for a Change

Shopping for a Change (SFAC) is a nonprofit where you can buy stylish children's toys & apparel, home decor items and accessories that give back to the artisans that made them.
  •  SFAC artists are mostly women from economically disadvantaged areas. The non-profit provides jobs for these artists, educates them about the global market, and uses profits to fund improvement projects.
  •  Over five years since SFAC's launch, they have grown from partnering with 11 artisan groups in Africa and South America to over 60 artisan groups spanning 3 continents and 30 countries. That's over 30,000 lives!
  • One more fun fact: SFAC founder, Stacey Horowitz, started her company at age 50! Dreams come true at any age.

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