Thursday, July 9, 2015

Parenting Pointers: Finding and Tipping Movers

With the tens of thousands of NY moves every month amongst 20-somethings, the movers themselves often end up some rather interesting parting thank-you gifts. Beyond the normal $30-$40 tip a man, the movers receive whatever is left in the apartment (that couldn’t be sold on Craigslist). According to Lior Rachmany, CEO of Dumbo Moving + Storage (, one of the NY area’s largest residential moving companies, the tips run from the ridiculous to the sublime. While his team often will accept said gifts, Rachmany highlighted a “Dubious Dozen” of bad gifts that his movers have received over the last few months: A 2014 New York Jets team calendar, A 150lb+ tube TV, A dirty microwave, Cold dollar slice pizza (likely a week old).

I had a chance to interview Lior to learn more about tipping and finding movers.

·         Why is it courteous to tip movers?
Consumers put a lot of trust in movers to safely carry most of their belongings during a move. Thus, good movers should be tipped and appreciated. Additionally, moving is a hefty job that is physically demanding and has a lot more riding on it than most other jobs.
·         What are some of the more unusual tips your movers have received?
Sometimes consumers replace tips with a simple “thank you”. One of the most unexpected tips was a $300 one that was given to the movers by a single guy who rented a one bedroom apartment.
·         What are some surprising gems that have been left behind?
Old school TVs, sofas, antiques. My favorite surprise gem, however, was a brand new guitar with two guitar amps  
·            What tips do you have  people hiring a moving company?
 - It is important for consumer to hire movers that are willing to provide a transparent quote and explain the charges including extra charges and the customer’ responsibilities during the moving process.
- Make sure you hire a moving company that has a good reputation. Check their website and read the reviews.  
- Make sure the moving company is licensed.
             - Make sure they are connected to their community. If a moving company cares about its community, chances are it will care about your belongings as well.

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